James Liswed – Comics, Illustration & Concept Art

Visual Artist & Storyteller

Chances are you’ve arrived here to see samples of my illustration, comics or concept art so I’ve brought these up front and center. I mostly focus on visual storytelling via vignette illustration, sequential art and painting with some graphic design mixed in. More artwork and sketchbook pages are also available in my full portfolio.

Thanks for stopping by feel free to contact me via my form at the end!

James Liswed


Publishing Credits (2016+)

Released & Upcoming in Print

(TBA) • crime drama
graphic novel: promo artist
(3rd party), Q2 2018
Grimwood Crossing Vol. 2 • western/horror
series comic (collection): cover artist
Independent, Feb 2018
Gunpowder Witch • historical fantasy
graphic novel: guest pin-up artist
Stache Publishing, Feb 2018
Ever Afterward • anthology – fairytale
comic: illustrator (sequential) • Skin
comic: co-writer & letterer • Piro x Kyo
Stache Publishing, June 2018
Silver Skin #0 • slice of life/fantasy
series comic: cover artist
Independent, October 2017
Oneshi Quarterly #2 • anthology – various
comic anthology: illustrator (seq) • Confidence Game
Oneshi Press, October 2017
Grimwood Crossing #3/Vol. 1 • western/horror
series comic & trade collection: cover artist
Independent, Aug 2017
Last Call #1 • dark comedy/superhero
series comic: lead illustrator (seq) & letterer
303 Publishing, Mar 2017
Grimwood Crossing #2 • western/horror
series comic: cover artist
Independent, Feb 2017
Under the Streetlight • anthology – noir
comic anthology: cover artist
Stache Publishing, Oct 2016

Contact Me

If you would like to inquire about a collaboration or assignment you can get in touch by using this form.
As an alternative, feel free to email me directly at:

Also, feel free to contact me with any questions not covered in the FAQ  below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

Only Paypal at this time.

Where are you located?

Alberta, Canada

What creative services do you offer?

You can hire me for:

  • comics
    • cover art illustration and design
    • interior sequential art illustration (pencil/ink/color)
    • spot and vignette illustration
    • sequential page layouts / storyboarding
    • page finishing
    • lettering
    • pre-press
  • concept art & design
  • personal art commissions
Do you make custom artwork?

Yes I do take commissions. Feel free to contact me with the details of your project and please specify whether this is for personal or commercial use.

What is the payment schedule?

This varies from project to project but typically I will accept 50% up front, then the rest upon proof of the finished product.

How much do you charge for your services?

This really depends on the details of the project.

Anything related to general illustration or concept art requires a conversation before I can give you a solid estimate. For comics, I need to review the script to give you a solid estimate.

http://fairpagerates.com has more details on current industry pricing and commentary from other artists working in the industry that can you can use to asses pricing.

Please note that I don’t provide any materials on spec. A deposit is required before any work begins – see https://www.nospec.com

How do I contact you?

You can use my contact form to send me a message via my website or email me directly at:

  • info(a t)somnivision.com



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