This is the art portfolio of J.Liswed (Somni).

Here is a small sample of works most clients are interested in seeing but additional artwork and sketchbook pages are also available for viewing.

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Pin-Ups, Comic Covers and Promotional Art

Comic Sequential Art​

Interior sequential art I've done along with some lettering and graphic design (excluding logos).

Concept Art​

Pre-production designs pertaining to different genres and styles.


James Liswed

Independent artist/illustrator & Designer

James Liswed is a professional illustrator and designer that has a passion for visual storytelling. An active collaborator since 2015, he has been developing ideas and realizing them in print. In previous work he has taken on a wide range of roles in comic production but works primarily with visuals such as art and design. Along with years of experience working with private and commercial clients, he brings a distinctive visual style rooted in western traditional illustration and Japanese manga.

Most of his work ranges from fantasy, sci-fi, crime, horror and comedy but James frequently moves out of his comfort zone to grow as an artist.

The Ferryman #2• sci-fi / thriller
comic mini-series: artist
TBA, Q2 2019

TBA • dark fantasy
art anthology
TBA, 2019

TBA • sci-fi / action
graphic novel mini-series
TBA, 2019

The Ferryman #1• sci-fi / thriller
comic mini-series: guest artist & designer
Independent, Sept 2018

LUCKY #2• crime drama
graphic novel series: cover artist (special variant)
Stache GR1ND/C.Cippolini/T.Patrick, July 2018

Grimwood Crossing Vol. 1/2 • western/horror
GN trade collection: cover artist & merch
Independent, Aug 2017-Feb 2018

Gunpowder Witch #4• historical fantasy
graphic novel: guest pin-up artist
Stache Publishing, Feb 2018

Silver Skin #0 • slice of life/fantasy
series comic: cover artist
Independent, October 2017

Oneshi Quarterly #2 • anthology – various
comic anthology: illustrator (seq)Confidence Game
Oneshi Press, October 2017

Last Call #1 • dark comedy/superhero
ashcan: lead illustrator (seq) & letterer
303 Publishing, Mar 2017

Under the Streetlight • anthology – noir
comic anthology: cover artist
Stache Publishing, Oct 2016

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If you would like to inquire about a collaboration or assignment, feel free to email me directly at:


You can hire me for:

  • comics
    • cover art illustration and design
    • interior sequential art illustration (pencil/ink/color)
    • sequential page layouts / storyboarding
    • page finishing
    • lettering (depends on the projects)
    • pre-press
  • concept art & design
  • spot, vignette and promotional illustration
  • personal art commissions

Yes I do take commissions. Feel free to contact me with the details of your project and please specify whether this is for personal or commercial use.

Only Paypal at this time.