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“The return of CYBERFROG, awakened into a world seized by a swarm of murderous alien hornets.”

Ethan Van Sciver/Kyle Ritter/SOMNI

Ethan Van Sciver is an American comics artist, known for illustrating or drawing covers for a number of high-profile superhero titles, primarily for DC Comics and also Marvel Comics. The series he has illustrated include Green Lantern, New X-Men, and The Flash: Rebirth.

Summer 2019


In the year 2051, the afterlife is for sale.

Glory: A virtual paradise so perfect the dead are desperate to escape. Miles Armstrong is a recovery agent, downloading the dead on the graveyard shift, working for the day when he can buy his own way into Glory. Attacked and left for dead, his night’s collection of downloaded souls taken, he sets out to uncover the truth of what’s really lurking in the shadows of the new hereafter.”

Sean Campbell/Dennis Tirona/Ester Salguero/SOMNI


Welcome to the online portfolio of SOMNI.

Here is a showcase of my illustration & design work; additional art and sketchbook pages are also available for viewing.

Contact me for rates & booking info.

 Thank you

Concept Art​

Pre-production character designs.


J.Liswed – Autodidact
Independent artist & designer

SOMNI is a professional illustrator and designer that has a passion for visual storytelling. An active collaborator since 2015, he has been working with others to develop their ideas and realizing them in print. In previous work he has taken on a wide range of roles in publishing but works primarily with visuals related to art and design. Along with years of experience working with private and commercial clients, he brings a distinctive visual style rooted in western traditional illustration and Japanese manga.

Most of his work ranges from fantasy, science-fiction, crime, horror and comedy but he frequently moves out of his comfort zone to grow as an artist.

Creative Skills

promotional & cover artwork
Graphic Design & Digital Art Production
Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign/CLIP Studio
Sequential Art
interiors, lettering & production design
Concept Art
Characters, vehicles & environments

Technical Skills

Game Development
Web Design
Apps Development

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inks and doodles


Design / Web dev

Art book & web sites


Digital Art Demos

recorded from live digital art streams



If you would like to inquire about a collaboration or assignment, feel free to email me directly at:


I occasionally take commissions depending on my availability.

Feel free to contact me with the details of your project and please specify whether this is for personal or commercial use.

You can hire me for:

  • comics/graphic novels/books
    • cover art illustration and design
    • interior sequential art illustration
    • sequential page layouts/storyboarding
    • lettering (depends on the project)
    • graphic & production design
  • concept art & design
  • spot, vignette and promotional illustration
  • personal art commissions
*subject to availability

Only Paypal at this time.